Santa’s legal woes

Early December and things were not going well for Santa.

By paulamcc
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12 Dec 2013

Santa’s legal woes

Early December and things were not going well for Santa. Mrs Claus was threatening divorce on suspicion of adultery and unreasonable behaviour as he could not provide a satisfactory explanation for his annual absence on Christmas Eve nor his lack of sobriety upon his return. A neighbour had raised a right of way issue against his property and one of the elves was taking a personal injury claim under the health and safety regulations – alleging a nasty fall from a reindeer. Worse still, his own back was sore after his sleigh had been rear ended by an uninsured motorist, leaving it currently out of commission. He still had to face an unwelcome appearance at Lapland Court for driving his sleigh without due care and attention last Christmas Eve. He had promised his wife that he would update his will but had not yet found the time.

Fortunately, help was at hand. Whilst playing with an iPad present that he was due to deliver, he came across an excellent website for Campbell & Haughey Solicitors. In no time at all, his problems were solved. Martin Campbell updated the wills for himself and Mrs Claus, who was so pleased that she dropped her divorce petition. Paul Lenehan liaised with the Lapland PPS and Santa was given a caution only for his driving offence. Keith Hamilton inspected his deeds, challenged the third party solicitor and the right of way case was withdrawn. Paul Haughey sorted out the repairs to the sleigh and arranged a replacement sleigh during the period of repair. Gill McAreavey negotiated an excellent settlement, (including physiotherapy), for Santa’s bad back with the Motorist Insurers’ Bureau. Clen Mackenzie successfully defended the action brought by the elf whom it turned out had fallen, not from a reindeer, but from a donkey on his way home from work via the Lapland Lounge where he had consumed a not inconsiderable amount of liquor. Santa could now relax from his worries and concentrate on Christmas.

If problems such as these are causing you concern, why not let us help in the New Year. Our service is fast and friendly, courteous and considerate. It is client centred – not costs driven. In the meantime, we wish all our clients a very happy Christmas.

a merry christmas rhyme by Paul Haughey

PS: our very own Paul Haughey has published a very funny poem for children based on the story of Christmas.  It would make an excellent gift at this time of year.

A Merry Christmas Rhyme is available on Amazon >>

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